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PUCKERING of your design

Hi Everyone

Has your design ever gone from being absolutely perfect to being not so perfect with puckering appearing around your design after you have un-hoop your design?

I am sure your reaction to this was the same as mine when I first started embroidering and it happened to me – my machine’s thread tension is to tight that’s why my sewn design is puckering….

Well, I have good news, it’s not your machine at all, but rather your fabric, chosen stabilizer and hooping. When you embroider, you are adding thread to the fabric’s thread count and for that you need to ‘stabilize’ your fabric over and above adding stabilizer to the bottom of your fabric when hooping.

Here are some tips and ideas that you can try;
• Once you have hooped your fabric, DO NOT full on the fabric to straighten it while it is in the hoop. In doing this you stretch the fabric which will result in your design being distorted when removed from the hoop.
• Embroider with the thinnest needle possible – I find a 75/11 works well on most fabrics apart from canvas.

You need your fabric to be as “stiff” as possible by turning it into ‘cardboard”

• Iron iron-on interfacing to the back of your fabric before hooping , or
• Spray the back of your fabric with spray-on starch and dry with a hair dryer, or
• Spray the back of your fabric with hair spray and dry with a hair dryer
• Hoop at least 1 layer of stabilizer with your fabric into the hoop
• Select the right type of stabilizer for your fabric

Also, you need to ensure you select the correct stabilizer for your fabric, so always test stitch your design first before doing the final stitching on your project. Cut-way stabilizer will give a better finished product than tear-way.

Doodle Hugs from us to you
The DMD Team

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