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Hiding your stabilizer
I share your frustration when you have taken the time to embroidery a beautiful design onto a garment and the stabilizer sticks out like a sore thumb.
When embroidering an item and to ensure that the stabilizer does not show though, the temptation is always there to either under-stabilize by using tear-away stabilizer or water soluble stabilizer (also called Avelon Plus), but this is not the answer. These stabilizers are only suitable for light designs such as line work onto a fabric that can support the stitches without the stabilizer.
A neat trick to work out what stabilizer to use, is to hold your hand under the layer of fabric that you are to embroidery – if your hand shows through you need a sheer mesh stabilizer. If your hand does not show through, then medium weight cut-away stabilizer is best.
You can also camouflage stabilizer by ironing fusible knit to the back of your embroidery, like Cloud Cover Stitch.
Another great idea to hide stabilizer is to embroidery your design on a piece of fabric, the same as your garment and to applique it to your garment with double sided fusible web or applique paper

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